100 Days of Cannabis & Holistic Health Tour

The Notorius Stigma

We are fighting for our right to live away from the conditioned society that is subjecting and suppressing the mass population to be stressed and unhealthy – a system that is preventing cannabinoids, therefore preventing homeostasis. We want to broadcast all legal alternative opportunities and routes within the communities to access optimum health approaches that will not only change their life, but also change their mind, and eventually their environment; which will create the Movement to be and think completely organic. We are giving the mass population a CHOICE to be active in their health goals and we are making those goals ACHIEVABLE. 

The Tour's Mission

The mission of The Tour is to enlighten those who feel there are no options outside of chemical consumption. We want to access all of the alternative opportunities of achieving maximum health that are organic and harmless! We want to infiltrate education on living a healthy lifestyle and using Cannabis as medicine throughout Florida the right and fun way! We want there to be a major shift in consciousness as we expose the many factors that prohibit us from achieving maximum health. 

The Tour's Purpose

The purpose of the 100 Days of Cannabis & Holistic Health Tour is to reach out to all demographics in Florida, to expand the knowledge of Cannabis and holistic health so that we can change our daily habits away from disease and death as a society. We will be giving sponsors and local companies involved with alternative medicine the opportunity to become a part of the Movement at a reasonable price. There will be many different packages to choose from for sponsor to engage either interactively within the tour or indirectly through our many marketing options and packages to choose from. Contact Holistic Charities Foundation today!

The Florida Movement

The Cause

We feel that there is a lack of knowledge on the fundamentals of achieving and obtaining balance within our Infinite Self and connection with our environment. We are hypothesizing that these deficiencies are stemmed from our detachment from an organic approach to life. We have been conditioned as a society to justify, purchase, and consume products on the market that are damaging our bodies and mind. We know that there is a way of Life through Cannabis and Holistic Healing, and we want to spread this knowledge throughout Florida as fast, efficient, and effective as possible!

The Predicted Result

By the end of the 100 Days of Cannabis and Holistic Heath Tour's Florida Movement, we want to have impacted all regions of Florida. We predict that there will be a higher enlightenment of life, purpose, and drive towards love and health after this Tour. We will be operating annual events in Florida after the Tour, simultaneously expanding the 100 chain event Tour to another State.

Florida's 5 HCF Regional Districts

  • North - Tallahassee
  • South - West Palm Beach
  • East - Sebastian
  • West - Tampa
  • Central - Orlando

Getting Involved

This year is FULL of Cannabis and Holistic Health educational events in festive and professional environments. Have you joined the Florida Movement yet? There will be qualified access conferences for selected professionals in specialized Cannabis industries. There will also be Member-Only Monthly Meetings for the selected regional districts – Don’t miss out on our February member discount. Each event is incorporated with seminars, food, vendors, and live music to ensure an enjoyable and memorable Cannabis networking experience! 

Current Deals

This Tour is a great marketing strategy for Cannabis and Holistic companies and entrepreneurs that are looking for a way to advertise and network within the local communities. January is the best month to take advantage of our sponsor initiation discounts! See how your company can become a “Pioneer Sponsor” of the Tour! For inquiries on becoming a Pioneer Sponsor, contact the Holistic Charities Foundation.

Upcoming Events


  • Venue: Banko Cantina Cuisine & Bar
  • Date: Saturday, September 29th, 2018
  • Time: All Day Event - Starts at 11am
  • Food, Music, Prizes, Art Classes, Art Auction, Art Contest, Vendors, and much more!

First Month of Tour Events:

1. The Florida Movement: 100 Day Tour Kick Off

2. Canna-Bliss Cannabis & Holistic Health Education Convention

3. Cannabis Legislation Conference

4. Attorneys’ Cannabis Conference

5. Physicians’ Cannabis Conference 

Getting Involved

You and/or your company can become involved in the 100 Days of Cannabis & Holistic Health Tour's Florida Movement by participating in the following ways:

  • Becoming a Sponsor
  • Becoming a Speaker
  • Becoming a Member
  • Becoming a Volunteer
  • Becoming an Artist
  • Networking within the events!

Check out all the tabs to find out the opportunities of becoming involved!