Ready to Become a Sponsor?

First Step: Get Authorization From Your Company

Make sure you have authority to make a sponsoring decision for your company. We recommend owners and/or directors to fill out our registration form and to contact Holistic Charities Foundation afterwards to have a mandatory registration meeting (owners/directors/marketing managers only). Make sure you know what sponsorship package your company is interested in, you will have to choose one in the form. 

Note: Sponsors interested in participating in events outside of The 100 Days of Cannabis & Holistic Health Tour's Florida Movement will be required to fill out a different registration form. Please contact Holistic Charities Foundation for furthering details on Sponsor Registration . 

Second Step: Fill Out the Form

Have your company's authorized personnel fill out the official HCF  Sponsor Registration Form to participate in the 100 Days of Cannabis and Holistic Health Tour's Florida Movement. Holistic Charities Foundation will contact you within 24-48 business hours. Make sure your company is prepared to schedule a mandatory meeting with the owner of Holistic Charities Foundation shortly after discussing your inquiry. Holistic Charities Foundation Headquarters is in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Third Step: Schedule Your Meeting

After speaking with Holistic Charities Foundation on participating as a sponsor in the 100 Days of Cannabis and Holistic Heath Tour, you will be required to schedule a meeting at Holistic Charities Foundation Headquarters. This exclusive meeting for sponsors (serious inquiries ONLY) will include informative presentations, questions and answers, and a complimentary lunch. All other participation documentation will be provided at this time. 

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