Florida Movement Sponsor FAQ

What is the Local Florida Company Discount?

The Official 100 Days of Cannabis & Holistic Health Tour Sponsor Package Discount is given to qualified and registered companies only. Based on your company's location and package interested in purchasing, Holistic Charities Foundation will determine your eligibility and discount percentage. 

NOTE: If you buy more than one package (local/non-local), you are immediately qualified for a discount!

Can my Limited Time/Discount Package purchase be credited to an Official Florida Movement Package?

Yes! Any limited time/discounted package will be credited to your company's purchase on an Official Florida Movement Sponsor Package. 

NOTE: If you buy more than one package (local/non-local), you are immediately qualified for a discount!

Are there advertising/marketing requirements?

Yes! For every Official Sponsor Package purchased, your company will be responsible and required to submit your company's ad (determined on purchase) in the correct format, size, etc. If you do not comply as a sponsor to submit a requirement, then your qualification as a sponsor may be jeopardized.

Does my company need to sign documents?

Yes! It is important to Holistic Charities Foundation to stay under Florida state and Non-profit compliance, therefore your company will be required to sign all participation and sponsor documents when making a Florida Movement Sponsor Package purchase. For more information on which documents are included in the registration process, please contact HCF directly. HCF is willing and able to answer all questions for prospecting sponsors!

Is my company eligible to be a Florida Movement Sponsor?

100% We accept sponsorship purchases from all companies, however we strictly advertise pro-Cannabis and Holistic Health companies as a Holistic Charities Foundation format requirement. 

How long is my logo on advertisement for each Sponsorship Package?

As a Florida Movement Sponsor, your company will be advertised in all events until the Tour is over. On the official website, your logo will be presented until the next Tour is announced. 

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