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The AAPR super PAC is formed to privately raise unlimited amounts of money to influence the 2018 midterm elections. We are not allowed – nor do we want – to donate directly to any campaign. The Mission: To deschedule and decriminalize cannabis, and Stop the Repression. The Solution: AAPR will use all forms of media. AAPR plans to rebrand cannabis and remove the stigma that has grown since the 1940s. AAPR’s goals are to highlight federal candidate/legislator's views on federal prohibition of cannabis. AAPR presents proof that cannabis does NOT meet specific findings requirements Pursuant to 21 U.S.C. § 812(b)(1).


Phone: 1(352) 949 - 9211

Harrell Hemp Company

Harrell Hemp Company is actively partnered with Holistic Charities Foundation to collaborate with and help operate America’s first annual 100 Days of Cannabis & Holistic Health’s Tour: The Florida Cannabis Movement. By the end of the Tour and 2018, the Company expects to have already cultivated and manufactured their own merchandise products, creating a successful, efficient, and effective hemp fiber company platform here in Florida. Harrell Hemp Company will use the excess raw Cannabis material on the land to create other alternative consumer products that will be sold within the Tour (e.g. oil products, protein, concrete, etc). The Company will offer a wide range of hemp material and consumer products  

Twisted Love Tattoo Collective

Twisted Love Tattoo Collective has partnered with Holistic Charities Foundation to start America's first Hemp Art Project. This project consists of stretching hemp canvas and making natural hemp-oil based paint as a medium for professional art. The art will be presented and sold within the 100 Days of Cannabis & Holistic Health Tour's 2018 Florida Movement and related events. TLTC will also attend the events within the Tour to participate in the live artist paint-offs and to set-up shop and offer Cannabis and Holistic Health related tattoos. TLTC offers quality artisan services and provides breathtaking art that lasts a lifetime.  


Phone: 1(786) 237 - 1989

Address: 730 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33409

HCF Collaborating Projects

HCF Education Reform Projects

Holistic Charities Foundation is currently working on a plethora of education reform projects to shift Cannabis and Holistic Health education in America. During the Tour's events, we will be collaborating with numerous professionals in distinct fields to develop a qualified personnel committee. This committee will act on many research gaps and case studies to make Alternative Medicine the scientifically proven way of life!

To be apart of this committee, please forward your resume to 


The Hemp Art Project

The Hemp Art Project is the newest art project in America to bring back the original form of art - hemp! Our professional artist team individually stretches hemp canvas and mixes hemp-oil paints to produce all-original hemp art work. This art work will be showcased throughout the Florida Movement. All art purchases will be used for hemp art material and proceeds will be donated to Holistic Charities Foundation to operate the Tour.

To be an artist in The Hemp Art Project, please email your portfolio to


HCF Clinical Trial Research

Holistic Charities Foundation is conducting cannabinoid clinical trials with partnering physicians. A large network that is currently collaborating with HCF is HL Medical.  Both companies are determined to fill the research gap on medical cannabis by allowing patients to register and qualify for the CBD and THC FREE clinical trials! Contact HCF today to see if you meet the criteria! 

1(833) HCF - CORP

Education Seminars

Holistic Charities Foundation is proud to collaborate with several partners in presenting regular seminars! Each seminar is priced and seating is  limited, therefore we recommend to RSVP your ticket(s) ASAP. HCF registered Members, Speakers and Volunteers can attend this meeting for free! Contact us today to register! Food and beverages available!

1(833) HCF - CORP

1st Annual Florida Canna-Calendar (2018 Edition)


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This is a non-profit fund raising activity organized by Holistic Charities Foundation and sponsored by Medical Marijuana Consulting Group. All proceeds go towards HCF projects, event operations, and mission. 

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