Become a Florida Movement Sponsor

Why become a Holistic Charities Foundation Sponsor?

Florida Local Discounts

  • Local Florida companies get the opportunity to become a sponsor at a discounted price! The discounted prices receives all the perks of becoming a Holistic Charities Foundation Sponsor of the Florida Movement per package listed on the Official Sponsor Packages. Contact Holistic Charities Foundation to see if your company qualifies for a Florida Movement Sponsor Discount!

Advertising Services

  • Holistic Charities Foundation makes it a priority to serve their sponsors the best and most efficient way as possible! HCF will contact each sponsor on a regular basis for marketing needs, opportunities, and for event reservation and confirmation. HCF is happy to use your company's ad creation, and there is a one time fee for each ad creation within the Official Sponsor Packages of $500 per advertisement. Advertising your company is important to us, so communication is key to achieving the Florida Movement marketing goals. 

Marketing Strategies 

  • The Florida Movement has fantastic Marketing Strategies for all pro-Cannabis and Holistic Health companies. Our plans range from presenting your company on our partnered newspaper, radio station, event brochures and flyers, social media, and much more! Each sponsorship package is different to meet your company's advertising needs and budget. Marketing goes hand-in-hand with advertising, so once your company becomes a registered sponsor of the Florida Movement, be prepared to stay in direct communication with Holistic Charities Foundation.

Sponsor Advantages

  • Each package is defined further in text on the Official Sponsor Page or within your registration meeting with Holistic Charities Foundation. If your company is purchasing an Official Sponsor Package, you are paying to be advertised for 100 upcoming medical and industrial Cannabis and Holistic Health events. Sponsors will stay on the Official 100 Days of Cannabis & Holistic Health Tour Website until the next Tour is announced. Each Sponsor Package has specific duration of how long an marketing strategy will last. There is no other opportunity for companies like the 100 Days of Cannabis and Holistic Health Tour. Don't miss out on our sponsorship package opportunities!

Creating the Cannabis Market 

  • Once you join the Florida Movement as a sponsor, you are joining Holistic Charities Foundation in creating the multi-industrial Cannabis and Holistic Health markets in Florida. Our platform is focused on promoting and implementing education first! Being a part of the HCF Sponsor Family will allow your company to have access to the plethora of informational tools, research projects, and much more! There is no limit to how educated and connected your company can become by registering as an official Sponsor!

Building a Strong Network

  • Our network is just as important as who sponsors Holistic Charities Foundation. We want to connect the best with the best throughout the Florida Movement. As a sponsor, your company will be invited to the numerous investor parties and regular sponsor meeting/luncheons required for participation. That's right, we want to see you represent your company and have you meet our other sponsoring companies! Building a relationship within the medical and industrial Cannabis and Holistic Health industries is how HCF plans to eventually create the perfect American non-profiteered Cannabis/Holistic Health empire.

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Register to Become a Florida Movement Sponsor/Vendor Today!

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