Become a Holistic Charities Foundation Speaker

Cannabis & Holistic Health Speakers are needed!

  • Are you an experienced speaker for Cannabis or Holistic Health events?
  • Are you experienced within the Cannabis and Holistic Health industries  as a(n):
    • Physician 
    • Attorney
    • Lobbyist
    • Legislator
    • Teacher
    • Researcher
    • Student
    • Patient
  • Are you an active and licensed medical marijuana user and have you experienced benefits from cannabinoid treatment?


How to become a registered speaker

All speakers must contact Holistic Charities Foundation directly to register as an official HCF Speaker in the 100 Days of Cannabis & Holistic Health Tour. The Registration process is quick, simple, and easy

Speakers will be asked to submit a cover letter and a professional resume for consideration


  • 1 Free Admission ticket per event registered
  • Free food and drinks per event registered
  • Free HCF shirt
  • Free HCF bag (with inserts)
  • Discount on HCF upcoming events
  • Discount on HCF Merchandise

Access to all HCF speaker group meetings, parties, and/or luncheons

  • Access to HCF Member Portal which offers:
  • Promotional discounts
  • Weekly Newsletters
  • Free Merchandise
  • Informational tools
  • Access to HCF Seminars
  • Access to HCF Speaker Facebook Group
  • Access to HCF Presentations and Speaker Network

After speaker registration/initial interview

  • Once qualified, you will be given a list of topics to choose from
  • You will also be given a list of upcoming events with times that you will have to reserve your spot as a speaker
  • As a qualified and registered HCF speaker, you must keep in direct contact with HCF and have several live conference meetings for presentation preparedness

Scheduling event participation

  • Each speaker will chose from a list of events, presentation topics, and times 
  • Each speaker will be required to attend each registered event or give at LEAST 1 month notification prior to the day of the event 
  • Each speaker's qualification also relies on credibility, reliably, and consistency
  • Each speaker is subject to disqualification if they cannot meet HCF standards

Speaker requirements

  • All speakers MUST REGISTER FIRST before being considered
  • All speakers must chose the genre and category of their preference to speak
  • All speakers must be comfortable with public speaking in front of large crowds
  • All speakers must be okay with given pre-written presentations
  • All presentations that speakers have will be submitted and reviewed by HCF for approval
  • All submitted presentations will be reformatted and possibly edited

Perform your Florida Movement speaker initial interview TODAY

Call: 1(833) HCF -CORP


  • Must have valid I.D.
  • Must have resume and cover letter ready and updated to include Cannabis or Holistic Health:
    • Experience
    • Knowledge
    • Profession
    • Scenario
  • Must submit the speaker registration form

Become a HCF Speaker Today!

HCF Speaker FAQ