HCF Speaker FAQ

Who is a qualified HCF Speaker and how can I become considered?

A qualified Holistic Charities Foundation speaker for the 100 Days of Cannabis & Holistic Health Tour is someone who is in or has experience in the medical or industrial industries or holistic health industries. Holistic Charities Foundation is looking for the following individuals:

  • Attorneys
  • Physcians 
  • Lobbyists
  • Legislators
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Active Lobbyists
  • Patients Using Cannabinoid Treatment 

Do I have to make my presentation as a speaker?

 No, Holistic Charities Foundation is responsible for creating all presenting information. Note that you will be asked to agree to not use Holistic Charities Foundation files, information, or documentation for any other project other than to participate in your scheduled event((s). If you have content that can be used, or if you would like to assist HCF in creating informative presentations, then you are required to receiving confirmation from HCF prior to using the material. All presentations submitted to HCF for review will be possibly altered and formatted before approval. 

Am I limited to the number of events I attend to speak?

Holistic Charities Foundation is registering new speakers every week, and diversity is important to the HCF presentation formula. As a registered HCF Speaker, you may be permitted to speak at event and you may not be. HCF determines who will be allowed to speaker at an event, and together you and HCF will determine the subject and genre you will speak about. If you go off topic during a speech, your qualification as being a HCF speaker will be jeopardized. 

What happens if I can't make an event I registered for?

All HCF Speakers are required to notify Holistic Charities Foundation if they are unable to attend an event that they scheduled. There is a time zone where registered speakers are permitted to become unregistered for speaking a pre-scheduled event, noted in the HCF Speaker Registration Package. If you pass the deadline for notifying HCF, then your qualification as being a HCF Speaker will be jeopardized. 

What should I become prepared for as a registered HCF Speaker?

For all prospecting speakers, please be prepared to speak in front of large crowds. You will be required to attend HCF Speaker training either on phone conference or at the HCF Corporate office, however you are ultimately responsible for being fully prepared for a well-performed and educational presentation. All HCF Speakers are required to re-register annually for continuation of qualification!

What do I get for being a registered HCF Speaker?

Being a registered and active HCF Speaker includes:

  • Access to all Florida Movement Monthly Member Meetings
  • Discount on regular events
  • Discount on official merchandise 
  • Official HCF Member Lanyard with Badge
  • Access to MMCG/HCF Seminars
  • Access to all HCF speaker group meetings, parties, and/or luncheons 
  • Access to HCF Speaker Network
  • Access to HCF Speaker Portal which offers:
    • Promotional discounts
    • Weekly Newsletters
    • Free Merchandise
    • Informational tools

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