Holistic Charities Foundation Member FAQ

When does the Early Bird Discount end?

The Early Bird Discount to become a HCF Member for $100 ends the second month of the 100 Days of Cannabis and Holistic Health Tour. After the promotion, the value will increase to its actual price: $420.

Will I have to fill out documentation to become a HCF Member?

Yes! Every participant of Holistic Charities Foundation is required to fill out participation and other legal documents. If you refuse to sign paperwork, then you cannot officially register as a HCF Member or participate in the 100 Days of Cannabis & Holistic Health Tour as a member.

Is my HCF Membership purchase considered a donation?

All purchases for any Holistic Charities Foundation event, meeting, merchandise (etc) is considered a donation! All proceeds are distributed to the numerous projects HCF organizes and operates!

How long does my HCF Membership last?

The Membership is a one-time purchase that lasts a life-time! Now, that's an investment! You can use your membership for any Holistic Charities Foundation activity to receive discounts, access, and free stuff!

When do I need to have my HCF Member Badge?

As a registered HCF Member, you will be given an official HCF badge and lanyard. It is required that you wear your badge AT ALL TIMES DURING HCF EVENT PARTICIPATION! HCF charges a fee for badge copies.

Can I travel to any Member Monthly Meeting with my HCF Badge?

Yes! As long as your HCF Member account is active and you have reserved your seat in the interested meeting, you are permitted to attend any Florida Movement Monthly Member Meeting for free!