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Anesia Jackson

Anesia Jackson is a Florida Native, mother and a dedicated independent researcher within the medical and industrial Cannabis and Holistic Health Industries. She has committed her life to her dream of an alternative market within Society to be the 1st choice of the People. Since the decriminalization of Industrial and Medical Cannabis in 2017 for Florida, Anesia Jackson has been researching and writing personal project reports supporting the plethora of opportunities in the Cannabis multi-industrial market. Ms. Jackson feels that there is a lack of knowledge on the fundamentals of achieving and obtaining balance within our Infinite Self and connection with our environment. She has hypothesized that these deficiencies are stemmed from our detachment from an organic approach to life. We have been conditioned as a Society to justify, purchase, and consume products on the market that are damaging our bodies and mind. Anesia’s solution to this problem is her organization: Holistic Charities Foundation (HCF Corp). This is a Not-for-Profit Organization that is supported by many partners, sponsors, and investors to manage and operate Florida’s first Cannabis & Holistic educational chain of events: 100 Days of Cannabis & Holistic Health Tour and to also operate numerous of silimar projects. This is the first Tour in America to offer sponsor, speakers, volunteers, and the General Public to become involved in the Cannabis market, to network, and to become educated on a completely new approach to life!

Fundraising and Implementing Cannabis Education Reform

About the Organization

Holistic Charities Foundation is an educational Not-for-Profit Organization that is supported by many partners, sponsors, and investors – as well as Florida State Lobbyists and Legislators - to fund and operate America’s first Cannabis and Holistic chain of events in Florida: 100 Days of Cannabis & Holistic Health Tour. This is the first Tour in America to offer sponsor, speakers, volunteers, and the general public to become involved in the Cannabis market, to network, and to become educated on a completely new approach to life!


THE MISSION of Holistic Charities Foundation is to efficiently spread Cannabis and Holistic Health education in an effective manner. We aim to help society connect to their Holistic Enlightenment and want to spread this consciousness as fast as possible. The solution of the Foundation is to operate a chain of events where the public can connect to the Cannabis and Holistic markets within their local community. We also give Cannabis and Holistic companies opportunities to attend the 100 Days of Cannabis & Holistic Health Tour as either a donating sponsor or vendor.  We are reaching out to all demographics by organizing, fund raising, and operating all kinds of educational events that revolve around the alternative medicine world.  


THE PURPOSE of Holistic Charities Foundation is to financially fuel the Tour and to ensure that all logistics are taken care of to ensure successful and achievable procedures. There will be unlimited funds generated from investors and sponsors to produce a strong financial foundation for Tour operation. The public will attend the Tour’s events by purchasing tickets or memberships as donations. Other monies will be considered as donations to operate the Tour. This Not-for-Profit Organization is organized and formulated to exploit and infiltrate Cannabis and Holistic Health education around Florida – and eventually around the World. The purpose of Holistic Charities Foundation is to develop and fund accessible events to all who are interested or already within the Cannabis and Holistic Health realm. We are creating health to be a CHOICE to society.  

Contact Holistic Charities Foundation directly if you feel that your company can be an asset to the 100 Days of Cannabis and Holistic Health's Florida Movement. 

  • Please note that HCF is not regularly accepting Partnerships with entities, therefore please express how and why your company would like to be involved and we will chose a position available upon your serious inquiry. 
  • To become a partner, HCF accepts volunteered time and services, capital, experience, and other non-monetary donations. 


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Phone: 1(833) HCF -CORP



Feel free to contact Holistic Charities Foundation at any time regarding any inquiry! Note, that you may be required to give information if your inquiry is regarding registration for any purpose related to The Florida Movement.

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Holistic Charities Foundation Corp. (HCF Corp)

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We value one thing - education. We are dedicated to developing a new platform for Cannabis and Holistic Health education by organizing and fundraising a chain of events: 100 Days of Cannabis & Holistic Health Tour. Join us for newest Mission: The Florida Movement

Our Partners

Our partners are pro-Cannabis and Holistic Health companies that collaborate with Holistic Charities Foundation in many different ways. Each partner serves an important role to HCF Projects and possibilities. Instead of business partners, we are like one big family!

Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors receive perks and discounts for being involved in the Florida Movement. Sponsors are able to advertise and market their service in various different formats. HCF values their sponsors tremendously and thanks them indefinitely for donating to the HCF dream!

Our Members

Our Members are extremely lucky to be apart of the Florida Movement because there are so many benefits of purchasing a HCF Membership. This one-time purchase will give you network connections, education, and a place to call home for a lifetime! Join the HCF Family today!

Our Speakers

Our Speakers are extremely valuable to Holistic Charities Foundation because they are the presenters of the education that HCF provides. Most speakers collaborate with HCF to pursue existing HCF Projects. Submit your resume to HCF to see if you qualify as a 2018 Speaker. 

Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers are the reason for our swift operations! There are so many opportunities for Holistic Charities Foundatoin Volunteer to become active in the Florida Movement. Registration is quick, easy, and absolutely worth your time! Contact HCF today to Volunteer for our upcoming event(s)

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