Become a HCF Collaborating Artist

How Can You Be a Hemp Art Project Artist?

Holistic Charities Foundation is looking for collaborating professional artists for the Hemp Art Project within the 100 Days of Cannabis & Holistic Health Tour!!! The Hemp Art Project is a 100% HEMP and Non-profit project that is dedicated to making hemp art conventional! At event featuring The Hemp Art Project, there will be activities such as paint classes, silent auctions, and live painting contests. .. all with hemp! This is the 1st Non-profit collaboration in America to bring back the most traditional form and method of art!

Mission: We are bringing all forms of visual art professionals together and creating art from 100% HEMP! 

Purpose: We are showing and teaching our audiences that Cannabis CAN be conventionally used as a non-toxic product for authentic and aesthetic masterpieces!

Goals: The Hemp Art Project is getting ready to incorporate hemp clothing and fashion, sculpting, and many more surprises to make our art shows increasingly innovative and ALTERNATIVE!

Register Today

Click the link to fill out The Hemp Art Project's Artist Pre-Registration Form. This is the first step in being involved in the Florida Movement as an artist, and it only takes 1 minute! Holistic Charities Foundation will respond to your inquiry within 24-48 business hours. 

The Blast Off Hemp Art Show

About the Event

Don't miss out on the Hemp Art Project's FIRST ART SHOW! Featuring all hemp art services, the Florida Movement's Blast Off Hemp Art Show is full of hemp creativity and aesthetics! The event also includes:

  • Live DJ/Jazz Music
  • Food / Happy Hour
  • Educational Seminars
  • Tattoo Raffles
  • Live Hemp Art Contest
  • Hemp Art Paint Class
  • Hemp Art Silent Auction

Artist Opportunities

Paint Class

  • 12PM - 2PM Paint Class
  • 3PM - 5PM Paint Class
  • 6PM - 8PM Paint Class

Live Paint Contest

  • 12PM - 10:30PM

Hemp Canvas Painters

  • Up to 7 painters needed

Art Donations

  • Unlimited

Interest in Participating?

Click the button below to register today!

Ready to Become an Artist?

First Step: Get Qualified

Holistic Charities Foundation requires all artists to follow the registration process. Qualified artist have signed and submitted all artist documentation for collaboration in The Hemp Art Project. The registration process includes all events funded, hosted or organized by Holistic Charities Foundation and/or The Hemp Art Project. 

To be a qualified professional artist, you must:

  1. Submit your updated portfolio
  2. Submit a photo/copy of a valid I.D.


Second Step: Fill Out the Form

Fill out the official Artist Registration Form. You will be able to schedule/reserve the next artist activity within this form. Holistic Charities Foundation will contact you within 24-48 business hours after submitting your inquiry. Make sure you are prepared to schedule a mandatory meeting with the owner of Holistic Charities Foundation shortly after discussing your inquiry. Holistic Charities Foundation Headquarters is in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Third Step: Schedule Your Meeting

After submitting required documentation and the artist registration form, you will be required to schedule a meeting at Holistic Charities Foundation Headquarters. This exclusive meeting for qualified artists will include informative presentations on participation, questions and answers, and a complimentary lunch. You will be able to schedule your next event and may also receive your first hemp canvas to paint. All other participation documentation will be provided and signed at this time.